Meet Me Upstairs
cameron clayborn

Apr 6 - 7, 2023

April 6, 7PM; April 7, 7PM & 9PM

Click here for the video documentation

Headlamps – red, yellow, and blue – make visible the way our thoughts overlap. Then we peel, rip, and recalibrate to adjust the grid. With each breath, our collective stomachs will rise and fall, untying knots of anxiety and leaving space for new memories.

Simone Subal Gallery is thrilled to present a performance by cameron clayborn titled Meet Me Upstairs. Performed in the round, Meet Me Upstairs is a self-described “sonic psychodrama” that attempts to transform the gallery into a location where lofty, incoherent thoughts can be distilled into a logical structure. The performance will feature movement and props by cameron clayborn, Oscar Chavez, and Hyeree Ro, and will be accompanied by harp improvisations as well as original music co-written by cameron clayborn and harpist Claire Ritchie.