Visions and Nightmares
Andrea Chung, Aaron Douglas Estrada, Cielo Félix-Hernández, Anna Garner, Rico Gatson, Heidi Howard, Yasmine Kasem, M Lamar, Charles Mason III, Nathaniel Oliver, Nikki Reisman, Ashley Teamer, ThisOnly

Jul 1 - 30, 2021

Opening July 1st, 4 – 8PM

Visions and Nightmares showcases works by artists who confront the entanglements of beauty and fear, desire and paranoia. Many of these pieces can be seen as self-portraiture, however, through navigating the present cycle of high-highs and the low-lows, these artists have imbued their practices with a palpable undercurrent of love and loss. By reflecting emotional spaces, the complexities of the self, and one's finitude, these artists ask: where does one begin and end? In the midst of increasingly frequent disasters and accelerated capitalism, assessing one's self value seems especially urgent. The mantras of the day are: "do you” and “practice self care". What sense can we make of these phrases as a growing swell of inequalities loom over this country of immense wealth and supposed opportunity? When our bodies are mapped and charted like stocks and bonds, how do we make space to meditate on peace and love? Visions and Nightmares reminds us of the internal power to unmoor one's limits to life, and taps into one's potential to foster a limitless spirit, and empathy for self and community.

– curated by Baseera Khan